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Recent feedback from students

flag photo 这是我呆过的最好的语言学校之一;好学校,高标准,非常友善和专业的工作人员。在这里你可以遇到很多有趣的人,还可以学到许许多多的东西。雷丁这个小镇也有我很多喜爱的事情:美丽的泰晤士河,世界各地的美食,无处不在的现场音乐,还有就是非常友好的人们。我很幸运,在这里碰到了来自世界各地的人们,我相信他们会被永久地珍藏在我的记忆里!

It's one of the best language school I've ever been, good school, high standards, really friendly and professional staff. You can meet loads of people there, and have a lot of fun and on top of that you learn real much more. In Reading there are many things that I like: beautiful Thames River, worldwide food, live music everywhere and the people are incredibly friendly. I'm lucky because I've met special people in Reading and our school, people from different countries and locals. These people will be in my life forever, I'm sure.
Fang, China
flag photo Being here has let me improve my overall skills. I've been here for three months on a full-time scheme and definitely I would say my English is up to scratch. I'm thinking of taking IELTS next February as I feel more confident now.
Daniel, Venezuela
flag Центр по обучению английскому языку (Школа Кейт) воистину чудесное место с уникальной атмосферой. Обучаясь английскому вы встретите очень интересных людей, окунетесь в их культуры и откроете себя. Школа Кейт обогатила мою жизнь и дала мне столько вдохновения, что вот уж сколько лет оно продолжается.
Mike, Russia
flag photo Kjo shkollë është e fantastike. Tani unë kam një Anglishte me të mirë dhe shumë shokë nga e githë bota... Unë po kalaj shumë minë këtu.
Iva, Albania
flag photo Herkes bu kursa gelmeli. Bütün öğretmenler çok iyi ve yardimci. Eğer ingilizce öğretmek istiyorsan ve yeni arkadaşlarla tanişmak istiyorsan buraya gel.

An excellent course, I'd recommend it to everyone. The teachers are very nice and helpful. If you want to learn English and meet international people, you'll come on this course.
Deniz, Turkey
flag photo I enjoy studying English at the school. There are wonderful teachers who help to improve my English a lot. I like the atmosphere of the lessons and activities that we do. I'm very grateful.
Vera, Russia
flag photo Desde que me llegada a esta escuela mi Inglés no ha parado de mejorar. Te sientes muy cómodo aquí con tantas actividades organizadas semanalmente. El profesorado es de Reading por lo que pueden ayudarte en cualquier duda que puedas tener.
Mario, Spain
flag photo I'm very happy in this school. All the people here are nice and you can know a lot of different cultures.
¡Os recomiendo esta escuela! y tengo 67 años...
Isabel, Spain
flag photo No dudéis en venir. Los profesores, a demás de ser muy buenos dando clase, crean un ambiente increíble en la language school. Aprenderás y serás muy feliz.
Victor, Spain
flag Viver fora do seu país é uma incrível experiência, aqui você podera não só aprimorar seu inglês como conhecer pessoas de todo o mundo e fazer grandes amigos.

To live outside your country is an incredible experience. Here you can not just improve your English and meet international people and know good friends.
Danielle, Brazil
flag photo Është e mrekullueshme mënyra sesi kolegji i inkurajon studentet per tu bërë aktiv gjatë mësimit. Jamë i sigurt se duke investuar në edukimin tim për të mësuar anglisht në English Language Centre është investimi më i mirë për të ardhmen time.

It's fabulous the way that the college encourages students to be active during the lessons. I believe learning English at the English Language Centre is the best investment of my life.
Ertil, Albania


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